Programs and Goals


We want to identify conditions where integrative approaches to body, mind, and treatment are essential to recovery and maintenance of good health. Once those areas are identified, we will develop a simple checklist to be considered for each psychiatric and medical condition.

We intend to achieve this goal by the following steps:

Stage I

  1. Reviewing current research and compiling a state-of-the-art database regarding the connection between stress and medical conditions.
  2. Reviewing research and clinical data concerning psychiatric medication, their interaction with other medication, short and long term effects, and how to minimize side effects.
  3. Reviewing current research into the interaction between alternative and traditional medical models and their roles on the body/mind integrative approaches (e.g., the notion of healing, guided imagery, acupuncture, biofeedback and nutrition).
  4. Soliciting suggestions from opinion leaders in the fields of Medicine and psychiatry.
  5. Soliciting insights, personal experience and stories from the public.

Stage II

  1. Organizing the database into clinical algorithms for each condition identified in Stage I.
  2. Creating drafts for Best Practice paradigms for each condition.
  3. Posting the draft proposals on the Internet and soliciting opinions and corrections from professionals and recipients of treatment.
  4. Integrating the proposed modifications and revising the Best Practice paradigms accordingly.

Stage III

  1. Creating best practices paradigms for each integrative condition.
  2. Offering downloadable checklists and information files.
  3. Hosting workshops and lectures to the public and professionals.
  4. Publishing articles in professional and popular journals to promote awareness and better practices.



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