Irreversible Sobriety Method

The Irreversible Sobriety Method (ISM)

 ISM offers individually tailored, flexible treatment and support until sobriety becomes irreversible, and relapse is untenable. 

ISM is based on the following principle:
It is easier becoming sober than remaining sober.
At the core of our approach is our conviction that the successful journey to ISM must entail working with the person inside their everyday life, in order to help them to remain sober.

Remaining sober calls for comprehensive support in relapse prevention until sobriety becomes a way of life rather than a daily struggle.

ISM will help the person in recovery achieve 3 goals
1. Remain sober.
2. Resolve the underlying issues that led to addiction
3. move on with their life.

The first two goals are commonly addressed in varying degrees of success by rehab services. But the third goals cannot be addressed in rehab center for obvious reasons: any rehab center even the most open and accommodating is not “real life”. Typically, in rehab one takes time away from their everyday life and pressures and dedicate themselves to sobriety. However, most relapses occur soon after discharge from rehab when the person meet their real life minus the substance.

ISM concentrates on all three factors by offering individually tailored, flexible treatment and support until sobriety becomes irreversible, and relapse is untenable.

Sober companions experienced in working one on one with adolescents and young adults, work exclusively with the person to foster sobriety culture. Clinical symptoms such as depression and anxiety as well as body image and eating disorders are identified and treated by experienced psychiatrists, CBT, DBT and EMDR therapists, nutritionists, nurse practitioners, and trauma specialists.

The treatment of each person is individually tailored and flexible to accommodate the lifestyle, travel commitment, work and family relationship as well as other relevant aspects of the person’s life. In case of crisis, if clinically advisable, treatment would be provided at home with around-the-clock supervision. If admission cannot be avoided, the person would be admitted to premier facilities, where we have ongoing relationship and good collaborative experience.

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