The FAME Institute

About FAME

The FAME Institute was founded by Dr. Rami Kaminski MD, a world-renowned psychiatrist with over 30 years of experience working with world leaders, celebrities and thousands of people of all occupations.

With a deeply humanistic approach and a rare healing gift, Dr. Kaminski has been lauded by the numerous people who were helped by his clinical skills, and by the many health professionals with whom he collaborated over the years. In addition to his academic and clinical work, Dr. Kaminski is internationally recognized as innovator in mental health delivery. Among the programs he conceived of and spearheaded are “the Second Chance Program” and the “Family Liaison Program”, developed during his years as Medical Director for Operations of the New York State Office of Mental Health. His comprehensive strategies for mental health services gained wide recognition and have been successfully been employed to date in New York State and elsewhere. Dr. Kaminski also established, and is the director of, the Institute for Integrative Psychiatry, which clinically examines the connection between medical and psychiatric conditions.

Over the past 15 years, Dr. Kaminski has increasingly dedicated a substantial part of his clinical work to devising and implementing a ground-breaking method of healing those with serious addictions. He has successfully worked behind the scenes with many celebrities who are constantly exposed to the public eye, helping them overcome their predicament. He has collaborated with an increasingly tightly knit international group of sober companions, psychologists, therapists, and nurse practitioners, who have cohered around his approach. The FAME Institute network includes collaboration with some of the premiere rehabilitation settings, private psychiatric hospitals and top medical specialists.

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