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Rami Kaminski, MD
Founder and Director
The Institute of Integrative Psychiatry

Rami Kaminski M.D., is a world-renowned psychiatrist with a thriving private practice on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. He serves as an advisory board member on many biotechnology panels as well as a council member for Gerson Lerman Group – an international consultation group to major corporations – where he was elected a Member Programs Leader. He also serves as a consultant and expert witness to the Family Court and the Supreme Court of New York State for issues of custody, mental competency and Guardianship.

After years of serving in every facet of psychiatry – from academic and research work   through clinical, government and public service – Dr. Kaminski founded and directs  the Institute for Integrative Psychiatry in New York City, a ground-breaking non-for-profit institute dedicated to optimizing available treatments in medicine and psychiatry.

Dr. Kaminski is an Associate Professor of Psychiatry at Columbia University where he teaches and lectures at the medical school and the Department of Psychiatry. Drawing on his vast 30 years of experience as a medical doctor and psychiatrist, Dr. Kaminski has treated and helped thousands of people from top business executives, community leaders and celebrities, to ordinary people from all backgrounds.

In the 1990’s, while working at the Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York he made several ground breaking discoveries in brain research– most notably the role of histamine in degenerative brain disorders such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases, as well as Multiple Sclerosis and schizophrenia.  Dr. Kaminski was awarded 11 international patents in recognition of his scientific work. He has given numerous lectures and talks in public and academic forums in both the US and abroad. His topics of expertise range from Schizophrenia, Depression and Brain Degenerative Disorders to Stress-management and the understanding of integrative approaches to psychiatric issues.

Throughout his career Dr. Kaminski has been a leader in advocacy groups for people with mental illness. He was the First Vice President of the NY chapter of the National Alliance of Mentally ill, and has given workshops and published booklets to help patients and families better understand the plight of those who suffer from chronic mental illness. In 1996 Dr. Kaminski was offered the position of Medical Director for Operations and Commissioner Liaison to families at the New York State Office of Mental Health.  In this capacity, Dr. Kaminski served as a special advisor to the Commissioner of Mental Health in New York State.  He advised the commissioner and legislature on wide-ranging topics involving mental health issues.  He also created and promoted award-winning community programs including the famed “Second Chance” program:  This program, the recipient of many awards is now in effect not only in New York States and other States in the US but also Internationally in places as varied as Argentina and Pakistan.  Dr. Kaminski has been invited to give talks about his community programs all over the World and was awarded the Outstanding Treatment Initiative Award in 2002 in recognition of the program’s success.  During the 9/11 attack on NYC Dr. Kaminski through his Government position was one of the major organizers of the mental health response to the disaster.

A recipient of many awards, Dr. Kaminski was awarded the “Exemplary Psychiatrist Award” from the National Alliance for the Mentally ill, the “Physician of the Year” award from the Mount Sinai Hospital in NY, and the “Charles E. Colt Excellence in Service” award. In recognition of his Excellence in Teaching as the Director of Medical Students Education in Psychiatry at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, Dr. Kaminski was inducted into the Medical Honor Society Alpha Omega Alpha.


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