While no one doubts that body, brain, and mind comprise an integrated system; modern psychiatry is increasingly practiced in an organ and symptom-specific manner. Integrative Psychiatry attempts to unify this fragmented approach in a responsible, scientific and clinically useful manner.


Integrative Psychiatry offers to optimize current available treatments, since the rush for scientific progress marginalizes proven treatments and age-old wisdom.


By using available knowledge, based on solid scientific data, TIIPS highlights the benefit of merging complementary aspects of medicine and psychiatry.


We want to identify conditions where integrative approaches to body, mind, and treatment are essential to recovery and maintenance of good health.


In fact, far from being revolutionary, the body/mind connection is intuitively grasped by all, and has been that way throughout human history.


The Institute consists of renowned physicians, academicians and healthcare professionals, all of whom are committed to making a positive contribution to the way we treat our patients.


Our guiding principle is ‘Optimizing currently available treatments’ rather than looking for new ones.

November 30 2015 by Dr. Kaminski

Your personal life – the virtue of self-centeredness

Self-interest is an essential part of emotional health: you focus on taking care of yourself. It may seem paradoxical but think about it: focusing on yourself and taking care of yourself, prevents you from being selfish and emotionally exploitative – i.e., expecting the others to center on you. After all, someone needs to attend to your needs if you do not.

Clearly a difference exists between your perception of the world at large and your own personal world. Your territory might be vast, your social network incredibly large and yet the number of meaningful people and places whose absence would be painful for you and linger in your thoughts is quite small and not much different from that of your prehistoric ancestors.

Your personal world is held together only due to your existence. Its complex inter-connections have little meaning to anyone but you. You are the center of your inner and your personal worlds.

While your inner world is you – and would cease to exist when you do, your personal world, the chain of people and places connected by your own perception, obviously does not depend on you to exist. However, with you gone, your world would lose the meaning that your presence created.read more
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